Latinum Latin Audio Course Catalogue



24. Swallowing the Dictionary   
17.Puer Romanus   
13.Introduction to Caesar  


  1. I ordered several DVD's on January 5th, and they arrived January 25th. I've already uploaded most of them to my computer and IPOD. I wanted to say I'm very pleased with my purchases, and I'm very grateful to Evan Millner for all his hard work in bringing latin to life. ago gratias tibi.

  2. I agree, and I've only just begun this new journey. I have been studying Latin and even teaching it at a rudimentary level for over 20 years but only through books. When I look back I realize that I constantly hit a barrier and it seems to be largely due, not to the subjunctive, but to the pronouns. I want to be able to speak simple sentences in Latin and they are so hard to "do" as opposed to remember.

    I feel like I'm still drilling myself in math tables or phonograms.

    Now after only two weeks using these free YouTube videos I feel I've broken through the barrier (I'm on 180 now).

    The relief is literally existential as this has been a high priority for me all my adult life but I've never been able to find a solution.

    My gratitude to Melindanarius is profound.

    On another matter, I registered for Schola four or five days ago and wonder if I did something wrong or if perhaps I timed it badly and Magister is off for Easter Week.

    Thank you.

    Gratias ago.

  3. Hi,
    I have read your instructions for beginners. Still a little confusion as I buy for my son who is 13.
    1) Tar Heel Readers - can't enable audio when I click speech under gear wheel? Also, I can't see what order he is to read these in or how to find them in order.
    2) Is the Serial and Oral Latin course, the same as London Latinum course I can see on youtube? Can a beginner start here if I can't work out the tar heel readers?
    Thanks for any help.


    1. Tar Heel Readers are text only. Yes, the London Latin Course is the Serial and Oral Course (partial) , in an early version.

  4. Hi again,

    Not sure if my last comment got through. We are starting out with latin for my 13 year old son and I read your information on that but still have some questions:
    1) Tar Heel Readers - despite clicking on gear wheel icon and selecting speech - couldn't get any sound? We have a MAC.
    2) What order were the tar heel readers meant to be done in? Is there any accessible list? OR otherway to use Comenius Vestibulum?
    3) Is the Serial and Oral Latin course the same as the youtube London Latinum course? Can the latter be used by a beginner with no latin understanding?