Swallow the Dictionary? Now you can.

Over 100 years ago, Walter Ripman, in his 'Handbook of the Latin Language', organized Latin vocabulary into domains and subdomains. The noted New Testament scholar I. Howard Marshall, himself a student of Latin, claims that Ripman's reference was "an extremely useful way of organizing the material for a student learning Latin vocabulary." This DVD has 50 semantic fields, with sub-fields. It closely follows the pioneering work of Ripman. Each word is read in English and Latin, so correct quantity is learned naturally. Tens of thousands of words are presented - this DVD is intended to be listened to multiple times - initially this will be quite tiring, if not bewildering - however, this system will help to build your vocabulary rapidly, and, if refreshed on a monthly basis, the words you have learned will become consolidated, and new words and idiomatic expressions will become engraved in your mind with each subsequent iteration. Now available in audio from Latinum.The digital download includes some additional experimental revision audio files in Latin only - you might want to put these in a separate folder after download. depending on user feedback, I will provide more of these in future releases of this item. 
Swallowing the Dictionary 

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More information about Latinum can be found at Latium Redivivum ,
 including lists of the material graded by ability level.

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  1. Valuable for the quantity and organization of vocabulary words though the pace was too fast for me. For best use on my Sansa Clip (like an iPod) I make temporary audio files from the CD using Sox to reduce the tempo to a slower pace I can comprehend and not get lost.