Cornelius Nepos (Latine) Pars Prima 1 - 14 in Latin Audio

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 Cornelii Nepotis - Vitae   (Lives) Chapters 1 to 14     3 hours 40 minutes of audio
This reading of Cornelius Nepos' "Lives" covers the first 14 biographies:
2 hours 43 minutes of audo

1. Miltiades.
2. Themistocles.
3. Aristides.
4. Pausanias.
5. Cimon.
6. Lysander.
7. Alcibiades.
8. Thrasybulus.
9. Conon.
10. Dion.
11. Iphicrates.
12. Chabrias.
13. Timotheus.
14. Datames.

Nepos writes in a clear, simple Latin style that has much to recommend it. Catullus praises him highly. These works were written to be read aloud - as were all Roman works - and the authors were careful about how their phrases sounded. Nepos is a brilliant master of this art.