Learn Latin at your own pace, with Latinum's audio course

Since 2006, Evan der Millner has been carefully constructing a Latin language audio course that can be used for self-study anywhere.

Latin teachers are few and far between, and concentrated in a few places - if you are an adult, and interested in Latin, then there are few places where you can find a comprehensive course that will hold your hand while you learn the language.

Latinum provides hundreds of hours of dedicated lessons, and in addition, a growing catalogue of audio books in Latin. Many of these are read phrase by phrase in Latin and English. The course is designed so that I can be used as an audio course alone, although all the recorded material also has pdf files for the source material on which the audio is based.

Latinum's principal Latin course is an audio version of George Adler's Latin Ollendorff. There are also audio versions of D'Ooge, and a couple of other Latin textbooks, some of which are still in production, with updates periodically uploaded.

The site is navigated by catalogues - there are a number of these, all accessible from the main home page.


What a good find!

This is such an amazing resource! I've struggled to become proficient in Latin using the traditional textbook/memorizing paradigms way. The audio books and curriculum here have really helped. I don't know of a more complete or helpful library for learning Latin.

Latinum Provides an Exemplary Variety…

Latinum provides an exemplary variety of affordable, high quality, elementary to advanced level Latin language learning resources. Evan's character & teaching style are exceptionally good for me. Highly admirable. Looking forward to learning from Evan, and from the works of others that Evan has chosen from the past 2000+ years, for my remaining years.

The Gold Standard

This man is the gold standard for Classical Latin pronunciation. I am a classical educator and have used his productions in class and as my primary source for learning Latin. Unless you have a few hundred hours and like listening at 3x you won't run out of audio files any time soon. I have recommended Mr. Millner's work to anyone who talks with me about Latin, students and educators alike.

I've been following Evan for years

I've been following Evan for years - I think I started listening to his London Latin Course podcast (the one with the "Gaudeamus Igitur" theme song) even before he became active on youtube. 

I am a Latin teacher, and listening to (and watching) Evan's work has influenced my pronunciation, sharpened my skills, and has provided me with a rich wealth of Latin materials that I can tap in to whenever I like. I especially liked his Caesar course an am currently doing the Prendergrast Mastery Course in the car on the way to or home from work. I'm just a few lessons in, but I'm really itching to start gossiping about my doctor! (take the course and you'll know what I mean). 

Evan is a tireless champion of Latin, a first rate scholar, and an amazing ambassador for lifelong learning and the classics.

I have been a fan for a number of years …

I have been a fan for a number of years having purchased the Latin for Beginners Benjamin D'Ooge podcast series some years ago. I think Evan's productions are fantastic. I am busy at work but the Latinum package is perfect on my iphone or ipad. I can treat myself for half an hour and the guidance with pronunciation is highly effective. I am working through the Aeneid and Evan really brings the classic to life with his detailed analysis and critique of sentence structure. I could literally listen to this and work on my Latin all day. I signed up for the Patreon sponsorship quite early on and I consider it to be amazing value for money. I am very pleased with Evan's suite of readings and scholarship.