Cornelius Nepos - Student's Audio - Hamiltonian

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This audio recording covers the entire text of Cornelius Nepos lives of the Great Commanders.

Duration: 7 hours 40 minutes
Latin only - to be listened to along with the English pdf text.

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The recording follows the Hamiltonian text, which is an English interlinear text, with the Latin word order slightly adjusted to make a running English translation comprehensible.

The Latin is still grammatical. If your intention is simply to be able to read Latin fluently, there is no problem with this methodology at all. If you intend to become a writer and speaker of Latin, then the less time you spend with the Hamiltonian text, the better - once you have used it to do its job, you should spend a lot of time with Cornelius Nepos' original text, until you have absorbed his unique style.

How to use this material:

Open the pdf to the appropriate chapter, and listen to the recording, while running your eye over the interlinear English translation.

Once you feel you have ironed out all the bumps - in vocabulary, idiomatic language, etc, it will be time to read the original text, which you should now be able to do fluently and with pleasure.