Ad Alpes: A Latin Audiobook from The Latinum Institute

After a month of daily recording sessions, Nutting's 'Ad Alpes' is now complete, and available in the Download Catalogue.
Chapters are still being released on a daily basis in the Streaming Catalogue, and will be fully serialised by 5 July.
I think the book is not bad, for a Latin reader. As I remarked earlier, it takes the washing-line approach to story-telling, using the artificial device of a journey across Italy to relate a variety of stories and tales.  If you have listened to the  selection of Latin readers that are already in the  Latinum Institute's audio catalogue,  then some of these stories will already be familiar to you.
I would not characterise 'Ad Alpes' as a novel - although technically it fits the definition as  a long printed story about imaginary characters and events  It is more, however, is an anthology of stories, held together rather weakly by a narrative device. Nevertheless, it is well worth listening to, and will help you progress and develop your Latin skills.
 I recommend it highly - either to read by yourself, or to listen to.
UPCOMING RELEASE: The Hamiltonian edition of Ovid, read in  Latin, so that you can follow along using the interlinear text in the pdf textbook. The first episode is due on 30 June 2020.


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