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The Latin course starts with Millner's Serial and Oral Method Introductory Course, followed by the Adler Audiocourse (over 200 hours) and Prendergast's Latin Mastery. A selection of other Latin courses are available with audio, including D'Ooge in audio, introductory Latin audiobooks are also included in this section, and illustrated flip-books will help consolidate vocabulary.

At this stage you will also intensively study Comenius' Vestibulum to build core vocabulary.

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Revision material and new material in easy Latin, following on from the Latin-English introductory audiobooks in the 'beginner' section, including the Vestibulum in Latin only, and Comenius' Orbis Sensualium Pictus to expand your vocabulary. You will also start to learn vocabulary in context using Corderius in Latin and English, and a selection of other material in the same format, such as Aesop's Fables.

While you continue with the multi-year language course ( Serial and Oral, Adler and Prendergast), once your skill level rises you will be ready to listen to this selection of intermediate level Latin audiobooks, including L'Homond's Historiae Sacrae, Corderius (Latin only) and a selection of Latin storybooks.

The level here is higher - and you are introduced to Classical texts for the first time, in the form of paraphrases in Latin, and a selection of more advanced audiobooks, such as Nutting's 'Ad Alpes', and Pexenfelder's Apparatus Eruditionis for advanced vocabulary building. Also included at this level are a growing number of chapters of Avellanus' Treasure Island in Latin, and Newman's Robinson Crusoe, Mima Maxey's 'Cornelia' and the entire Book of Psalms.

In the advanced section you will find a selection of classical texts presented as audiobooks. If you are already advanced, or are a Latin teacher, then Prendergast is recommended.

Shadowing is a part of the course that can be used at any stage, to help you learn vocabulary rapidly. Shadowing resources have been produced for beginner, intermediate and advanced level students. Included in the Shadowing category are interlinear audio resources, and Latin paraphrases.

The Latinum Institute provides an introductory Greek course, based on textbooks by Laas D'Aguen, Stedman and Kontopoulos.

The Latinum Institute provides a reading course, 'Reshit Dangath' which is a video course, and an audio course Prendergast's Hebrew Mastery.

A selection of audiobooks in English, including Creech's famous verse translation of Lucretius, Conington's verse translation of Virgil, and sections of Monmoth's verse translation of Virgil, also included are some Cicero, and some Caesar.

Here you can read some of the reviews left by users of Latinum at Trustpilot and elsewhere.

The resources section includes links to the Locutorium Latinum, free Latin language courses on YouTube (The London Latin Course, using the Serial and Oral Method) and the Cursus Linguae Latinae, which is in Latin alone, and follows Adler, and can be used as reinforcement and revision.

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Articles and commentary.

Aio, linguam non ex infinitis grammaticorum praeceptis, sed ex veterum librorum lectione et imitatione comparandam esse.

I say, a language is not acquired from an infinity of grammatical rules, but from reading the books of the ancients, and through imitation.

- Jacob Flacciolatus , anno 1715


The Latinum Institute has made language learning approachable.

Our lessons proceed in gradual steps; every stumbling block and difficulty has been foreseen and addressed.

Our courses are not designed for language geniuses - just average students, who need support and encouragement. Many very bright people study Latin - and the way it is usually taught means that only very bright students succeed.

Latinum has changed all that. With our course, absolutely anyone can learn Latin.

You will learn words in context. The programme is audio focused and is as close to an immersive experience as can be obtained outside a classroom.

Our constantly growing catalogue of ancient language audio materials will guide you until you reach reading fluency.

We offer a complete Latin Language Course with an enormous support catalogue, and introductory ancient language courses in Ancient Hebrew, Ancient Aramaic, Ancient Greek and Ancient Babylonian (Akkadian) (new).


The Latinum Language Course at PATREON is an online multi-level and multi-media language audio course.

Unlike most courses, your progress will be gentle and steady, so you are never left confused. We don't rush things. Many courses simply go too quickly, as they are constrained by school time tables, or the expense of paying for a teacher. Most textbooks and courses simply go too fast for the same reason, as large books are expensive to print. It is as simple as that. Even dedicated students of LLPSI ( ├śrberg ), which is a very good course, hit a road block after the 'easy parts' are covered.

Either a student gives up at that point, or gets upset they can't actually read complex 'real' Latin, or has to go and pay for an expensive teacher.

Being online, and in pre-recorded audio has freed The Latinum Institute from these limitations.

We don't pretend to offer you "the fastest language programme" in the world - the human mind can only absorb a certain amount a day, regardless of your study methods and dedication- but we can confidently say our serial and oral teaching methodology will give you a secure outcome.


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You need to 'fire on all cylinders' to master any language and get an instinctive 'feel' for it.

This must involve listening, speaking aloud, reading, and writing.

Few formal ancient language courses spend much time on the first two, which, to my mind, are the most important of the four, especially for a beginner.

Also, classroom based language courses simply cannot provide the intensive exposure needed, and the number of hours of tuition required, to master any language thoroughly. To pay for the tuition needed would be prohibitively expensive.

Our audio course can and does provide the many hundreds of hours of support that you will need to succeed, and provides excellent value for money.


All the Latin audio here is carefully read in restored classical pronunciation.

Molendinarius' pronunciation of Latin has been extensively peer reviewed, and conforms to the academic gold standard - primarily Sturtevant, followed by W. S. Allen's 'Vox Latina', the ARLT Guidelines, and the Cambridge Philological Society.

Greek pronunciation used on the course follows a form of reconstructed Koine, approximating the way Greek may have sounded during era of the late Roman Republic.