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Conington's English Verse Translation of the Aeneid

LENGTH: 11.5 hours

The text of Conington's English verse translation of Virgil can be found here
He used the octosyllabics of Scott's 'Marmion'.  This proved popular with the reading public.
Conington's shorter ballad line of only eight syllables turns Virgil's 952 lines into some 1,550.
Conington's translation was reviewed in the 'Examiner', (1866) and you can read the review here. 
Conington was one of the nineteenth century's greatest classicists. He died very young, aged only 44.
Conington also wrote a prose translation of the Aeneid. This was published posthumously in his collected writings, and appears in volume two. It begins on page 114, and can be found here. 
A brief biography of Conington can be found on wikipedia.  A much longer obituary, that gives a much more in-depth idea of the man and his life, by Rev. John Gibb, can be found here. 
Conington's Latin edition of the works of Virgil can be found here.