Pretty Lessons in Verse

Sarah Coleridge's 
'Pretty Lessons in Verse'

Sara Coleridge, sister of the celebrated poet, has written a lovely collection of poems for teaching Latin, addressed to dear Henry and Edith, the children. I suppose her brother had a hand in these delightful verses as well, which make learning a foundational Latin vocabulary a little bit easier. Read as an audiobook by Molendinarius.

Pretty L
essons in Verse 

55 minutes of audio

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More information about Latinum can be found at Latium Redivivum ,
 including lists of the material graded by ability level.


  1. Gratias tibi ago. Thank you Evan.

    You are doing a great job, it must takes hours of work.

    1. You made some mp3 of the noun declensions. I am working on verbs now and would find similar mp3 on the conjugations of verbs helpful. You could read out the verb conjugations and add some of your own helpful comments.
    2. I am using Henle right now. It has lots of practice exercises. Mp3 s of Henle would be helpful too.

  2. This is a rare gem of a site for learning Latin. It is a phenomenal compilation of many drill courses. If you download the book for Adler from google it is a great idea, and a lot of the other material also has free pdfs available on google or
    The course - you must go through it methodically as suggested by the creator/developer. Exercise patience with Latin as it is different from other languages! It's not an overnight achievement! It will come in time and so you will have to go through podcasts patiently. Get a tutor - if you can find one - and you'll pay through the nose! Thank you Latinum!