Junior Latin Reader - Sanford and Scott

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    Sanford and Scott's
    'Junior Latin Reader' 

      Sanford and Scott's reader would be accessible for a student who had completed the Adler course - re-telling famous stories from myth and legend, such as the story of Perseus,Hercules and Jason - followed by a simple Roman History reader,it is pleasant to listen to, and would benefit even a more advanced student. Listening to easy Latin is a great way to move towards fluency, which can only be achieved by extensive audio and oral exercise

    Sanford and Scott  

    8 hours and 50 minutes of audio

    read online....> More information about Latinum can be found at Latium Redivivum ,
     including lists of the material graded by ability level.

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  1. This is an excellent supplement (or alternative) to reading-only Latin learning approaches. I've taken several years of Latin in college, but felt that my fluency had plateaued. I was looking for something that would bring in other learning modes (listening and speaking) instead of the traditional reading-only method. Latinum was exactly what I was looking for and it has helped me move forward. Plus, it is something I can do while I'm driving or taking a walk. I really appreciate all the hard work it must have taken to put this together.