Eutropii - Breviarium Historiae Romanae

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 Eutropii - Breviarium Historiae Romanae Liber I ad VI 2012
3 hours 24 minutes of audio
Books 1 to 6 - from the founding of Rome to the assassination of Julius Caesar.
For many centuries, this text was the first Classical work put into the hands of a beginning student of Latin, due to the clarity of Eutropius' style. It fell out of favour in the late 1900's.
Flavius Eutropius was a historian who lived in the late 4th century. He was secretary (magister memoriae) at Constantinople, and accompanied the Emperor Julian on his expedition against the Persians (363), and was alive during the reign of Valens (364–378), to whom he dedicates his Breviarium Historiae Romanae and where his history ends.
The Breviarium Historiae Romanae is a complete compendium, in ten books, of Roman history from the foundation of the city to the accession of Valens. It was compiled with considerable care from the best accessible authorities, and is written generally with impartiality, and in a clear and simple style. 
Eutropii Breviarium Historiae Romanae Liber VII ad X  2012
This section covers Roman history from the assassination of Julius Caesar until Jovian. 
 2 hours of audio.


Maxey's 'New Latin Primer'

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 Maxey's 'New Latin Primer'  2012
This easy text is a reading book, suitable for an intermediate student of Latin.

Recorded in 2012 by Molendinarius in restored classical pronunciation. This recording contains just over 2 hours of audio. Each short chapter has its own audio file.
This is a relatively easy read, beginning with very simple Latin. The stories and themes in this book run in step with those found in Maxey's 'Cornelia' .

 This book contains more about Roman life, with a particular focus on war and things military. It is rare to find a Latin reader such as this, that does not advance too rapidly. Even a more advanced student will derive much benefit from an easy read such as this.

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