Corderius Colloquia Selecta in Audio, English and Latin

Recorded in 2008, this selection  contains the mp3 files for a selection of Corderius' colloquia read in Latin-English-Latin

Latin - Corderius' Colloquia - English/Latin & Latin only 9hrs40mins

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Latin - Corderius' Colloquia - English/Latin & Latin only  9hrs40mins
The cd also contains the Latin-only version, in two audio variations, the Willymott and Alexander editions. Copies of the pdf's of the original texts used to produce these recordings are included.
These scripted dialogues were first issued in the 1500's, and immediately became a hit - they went through a large number of editions, and were a staple of the Latin schoolroom right through to the late 1700's. A study made of the bookshelves of students who died while in college at Cambridge University ( whose possessions were recorded in the records), shows that these dialogues, and works by Erasmus, were in almost every student's personal library in the early - mid 1700's.
They only lost popularity when the rise of Nationalism and regionalism in Europe lead to less emphasis being placed on oral fluency in Latin, eventually leading to the situation today, when, for the first time since the fall of Rome, Latin as a spoken medium is in danger of extinction.
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  2. I have been trying to learn Latin off and on for the last 20 years. There is no particular reason for wanting to do this, other than that the language appeals to me. Visiting Rome last year only intensified my desire to study it. Thus, this site with its podcast, and now the DVD collection, was a godsend. It is, admittedly, not easy material. For those planning to use it, I recommend that they first get a copy of Adler's book, as well as the answer key -- they help immensely when following the formal course.

    The amount of work that is involved in setting up a site like this and producing the DVDs is amazing -- my experience with much less ambitious projects, only underscores my sense of awe at what Evan Millner has accomplished. I hope this project will continue to grow. Kudos also for keeping the prices low. So many people think only wealthy people want to study Latin, and so the prices for resources are astronomical.

    The DVD's also make it easier to access the material than the podcast, and have the advantage that the id3 tags are all in place, which makes the material easier to use when loaded onto an ipod.

  3. Thank you for this wonderful job ! As i am also interested in Greek, do you know where i can find an ancient-greek-spoken online library ?