Underwood's Latin course for Beginners and Medical Students

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Latinum's issue in audio in November 2009 of Underwood's course in  Latin for Medical Students is a unique offering. Underwood wrote his course for medical students taking the Latin examinations at London's Guild of Apothecaries and the Royal College of Physicians in the early 1800's. These students, as non-Latin specialists, required a  common-sense approach. The result is a very accessible beginner's Latin course. It would also be useful as a revision course for the more seasoned student, as it approaches the subject from a fresh angle.  I am very fond of this course - it is very well constructed - traditional in its approach, but, Underwood has a rare knack for being able to explain matters with great clarity.

Underwood wrote his course for the home school student - but advises of the need to find a Latin teacher who can teach pronunciation - the audio course supplies this requisite. As the vocabulary and examples are drawn from Latin medical and chemical texts, much of this material will be somewhat familiar to the prospective student. This reduces the apparent strangeness of the language, and makes the course  more accessible to a non specialist wishing to learn  Latin. Needless to say, the course here outlined should be of great value to a student of medicine or pharmacology. Latinum's audio course covers the entire grammar as laid out by Underwood, and the Latin syntax. Underwood, in his introduction, makes a very important observation; it is, he says, vitally important to read - so get your hands on an interlinear text, and start to read, or listen to bilingual Latin texts provided by Latinum for this purpose - for we are thoroughly in agreement with Mr Underwood with regard to this point: a large volume of reading  is an absolute necessity if certain progress is to be made in the aquisition of the language.

Underwood's Medical Latin Course comprises three parts:
1. Latin Grammar.
2. Various exercises in building sentences.
3. Latin Syntax.
4. Forms of Prescriptions

The pagination of the book reverts to page one half way through.
The Audio readings ( lectiones) are numbered from 001 to 061
The Introduction is in lectio 001
The Grammar commences in lectio 002
Exercises commence in lectio 035
The Syntax - read in Latin and English, each example twice repeated - commences in lectio 046
Forms of Prescriptions - read in Latin only - are in lectio 60 and 61

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