GCSE Latin Vocabulary

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GCSE Latin Vocabulary
Each word is read in English and Latin, so correct quantity is learned naturally. Hundreds of words are presented - this audio material is intended to be listened to multiple times - initially this will be quite tiring, if not utterly bewildering - however, this system will help to build your vocabulary rapidly, and, if refreshed on a monthly basis, the words you have learned will become consolidated. You will not learn all the words on the first listen through - allow yourself to tune in and out, play it to yourself, and let the material teach itself to you. The speech on this recording is hyper-articulated, so it sounds artificial - this is a learning tool. All the pauses between the words have been removed, so progression through the material sounds unnatural - however,with repeated exposure, this material will engrave the vocabulary.

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More information about Latinum can be found at Latium Redivivum ,
 including lists of the material graded by ability level and audio samples

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