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Latinum, the home of the Adler Latin audio course, moved its extensive audio catalogue to Patreon on the 14th of April 2017.

Firstly - why Patreon? 
Patreon allows me to offer you, for a small monthly subscription (which you are not locked in to - you can cancel at any time), access my entire back catalogue of course material.

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What do you get if you become a patron (subscriber) of Latinum?
Every patron (subscriber) can  access and stream hundreds of hours of quality Latin audiobooks and other audio resources from the streaming catalogue, for a very low monthly subscription. 

Higher reward tier patrons are offered an incredible deal - the ability to download a large catalogue of audiobooks as zip files.     

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Chickering's 'First Latin Reader'

This Latin-only reader is based on the sweep of Roman history. Despite its title, it is not suitable for a modern beginner, but is of upper-intermediate level.

 From chapter one it sets off at a handsome trot, in texts of  increasing difficulty, starting with stories about the  founding of Rome, followed by the Roman Kings, then Coriolanus, Cincinnatus, Camillus, Manlius Torquatus, Phyrrus, Hannibal, Scipio, the Gracchi, Marius, Sulla, Pompeius, Caesar, Cato and finally, a brief description of Cicero's life. 

Each chapter is a separate audio file.
5 hours 27 minutes of audio

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