Latinum, the home of the Adler Latin audio course, moved its extensive audio catalogue to Patreon on the 14th of April 2017.

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Nutting's "De America". This interesting series of historical stories ( broken into 100 episodes) is composed in relatively simple Latin. It chronicles the period from Christopher Columbus until the founding of the American Republic. Conceived of as a reader introductory to Caesar, the series focuses on  the period of discovery, and then on battles between the settlers and the Native Americans, and between the American colonists and the British, interspersed with individual tales of the trials of life during this interesting period of history. Occasional discursions are made when a comparison with Roman history seems apt. This is not a dry re-telling of history, but is a carefully crafted and delightful series of stories, that are well enough written that they bear listening to several times. One of the best Latin readers I have yet encountered.

Read in the restored classical pronunciation of Latin by Evan Millner. Recorded in November MMIX.

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  1. David FB I have been trying to learn Latin off and on for the last 20 years. There is no particular reason for wanting to do this, other than that the language appeals to me. Visiting Rome last year only intensified my desire to study it. Thus, this site was a godsend. It is, admittedly, not easy material. For those planning to use it, I recommend that they first get a copy of Adler's book, as well as the answer key -- they help immensely.

    The amount of work that is involved in setting up a site like this is amazing -- my experience with much less ambitious projects, only underscores my sense of awe at what Evan Millner has accomplished. I hope this project will continue to grow.