Orbis Sensualium Pictus - English and Latin Audio Book.

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Orbis Sensualium Pictus - English and Latin Audio Book
(  500 + minutes )

Stream or Download this on Patreon

  1. Stream or Download this on Patreon

John Amos Comenius composed his "Orbis Sensualium Pictus" (The Visible World in Pictures) as a first primer and introductory schoolbook.

He believed the teacher should use visual aids, and, where possible, actual physical models. The curriculum should be wide ranging, and cover all the main areas of everyday life as it was experienced by his students. He does not sanitize the harshness of the world.

Thus all the items mentioned in the text are referenced with numbers to engravings, that are positioned alongside the text.

 His young students would find out about the world, and all the main ideas that people had about it, in a simplified form - astronomy, climatology, zoology, botany, human anatomy, philosophy, geography, geometry, musical instruments, warfare, politics, jurisprudence -a student studying this book will accomplish two things - they will build up a vocabulary of a few thousand Latin words, acquire a knowledge of simple grammatical structures ( the sentences are all relatively simple) and in addition, gain an insight into the world, as it was understood by a Protestant Renaissance scholar in the mid 1600's. The Orbis Pictus is recorded carefully in restored Classical Pronunciation, chapter by chapter, and the pdf of the edition used is included on the DVD. This text, despite its advanced age, is still suitable for use by young students.  The text used here is the first American edition of 1810.  This textbook is one of the most famous pedagogical texts ever written. Comenius' Orbis Sensualium Pictus was also the first ever illustrated children's book - and as such, occupies a unique and important place in the history of education.A small amount of this material is on the podcast, however the complete reading of the text, with each phrase read twice in Latin and once in English,  is only available on this DVD.

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  1. Thank you for creating such a wonderful collection - the Adler, Comenius, and all the other resources. My Latin was absolutely terrible before I tried this. I'm still learning and I can't wait to learn more!!