Reynold s Latin Reader (Nature Study + Novella + Adapted Caesar) length: 4hrs 38 mins (Audio Books)

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 'Nature Study Reader ' 

You would get the most out of this book if you had previously studied the Orbis Sensualium Pictus, as the first sections deal with science, the universe, nature, etc. The second part would be easier if you had listened to Taylor's adapted Caesar text, or Lowe's Caesar, if you are a complete beginner.
This reader is unique, in having as a strong focus indirect discourse - right from the beginning, Reynolds starts to introduce it, with imaginary students answering questions on the previous lesson. By the time you reach Caesar, the method of presenting reported speech seems natural.
This is a delightful audiobook. A beginning student, after studying Comenius, will be able to tackle the first half without problems, and after some preliminary study of Caesar, as suggested, the second half will also make for a pleasant experience.
The text can be found at if you search for 'Reynold's Latin Reader and Nature Study'
Reynold's Nature Study Reader and Novella   


  1. Very much enjoying this. I am, more or less, studying Latin on my own so in order to practice listening I have had to resort to the internet. I have put this on my Kindle (which would otherwise go without use) and will, when I get the time, put it on my phone so I can more easily listen on the train, plane or whatever.

    What I have been doing so far is reading the Reynolds .pdf on my Kindle and, every now and again, just listening to the tape. I cannot say whether this has improved my listening skills as I have no real opportunity to practice; but it is certainly enjoyable and, in combination with the Reader itself, my vocabulary, comprehension and sight reading are certainly improving.

    So very useful, and at a splendid price - thank you :)

  2. Excellent material. This is just what is needed to enable me to refresh my Latin while sustaining interest. This is of the usual high standards and is invaluable as a resource.