Adler Latin Audio Course - The Discovery

Way back in 2005, I was trawling google books, looking for a Latin textbook that taught the language as a modern language. I remember clicking through page after page of search results, day after day in my hunt for Latin treasures. .. then one day, on results page 30 or something ( I was persistent) a scan of Adler's Practical Grammar popped up.

Google had just placed it online, with a rather sub standard scan. I got excited. I asked my friends in the academic world if they had ever heard of this amazing book. 

No one had. Adler was using a method that was too advanced for his time. His book had fallen into oblivion.

 Only 9 copies of the print version survived in libraries scattered across the world. I borrowed the British Library's copy. I saw immediately that this book would make a fantastic Pimsleur type audio course. And so the Latinum Project was born. 

Adler is now well known, as is my Adler Audio course, which took me two years of full time work to produce.

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