De Bello Helvetico - Caesaris

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John Taylor's  Caesar for Beginners. (Book I, The Helvetic War)
The publishers to the new University College, London, in the mid 1800's embarked on a new series of Latin texts, following the plan outlined by the philosopher John Locke. 
This particular edition of Caesar is unique, and no other Latin text has been issued since this date, using the serial and oral method. This method teaches grammar intuitively, through the deconstructed text of Caesar, which is built up line by line, each new line only introducing one new lexical item, or one new grammatical point, which is highlighted in the Latin and in the translation with italic font. This is a most valuable text for the beginning student of the Roman Classics.

Taylor - De Bello Helvetico - Caesaris  

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  1. This course material is a great tool to assist you in learning latin.
    Being able to hear spoken latin really helps the learning process