Januae Latinitatis Vestibulum

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John Amos Comenius' 'Vestibulum to the Latin Language'. 

This text is a pleasant introduction to the Latin language, and would also benefit more experienced students, who may have a very limited range of vocabulary.
The Vestibulum gives an essential foundation in the core root words of Latin, enough to begin to start to speak about some things, and to read a variety of very simple texts. The Romans themselves used simple dialogues and fables to teach their children, or foreigners ( we have textbooks from the second century for teaching Latin to Greeks) - so throwing out this model, an eminently sensible one of slowly increasing complexity of the texts, aiming at fluency in 5 to 6 years - has lead to an entire generation being unable to read Latin without translating it into the vernacular in their heads, and poorly equipped to express themselves in the language. Comenius' Vestibulum imitates these ancient Roman educational texts, as do his grammar texts, which are written in a pleasant , clear and light-hearted Latin style.
The Vestibulum contains a vocabulary of 1000 root words.

Comenius' Vestibulum  


  1. This is well-suited to the autodidact.
    Non scholae sed vitae discimus: We
    learn, not for school, but for life.

  2. This is great stuff. Especially if your in a Latin class, this will give you an edge over everyone else.